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Apple just released their 3rd. generation of the iPhone – iPhone 3G S. Many wonders if the update from one of the previous iPhones (iPhone or iPhone 3G) worth it. I’m definitely no expert, but here’s 4 reasons I’m not upgrading                     from iPhone 3G to 3G S:

  1. The iPhone OS 3.0 will work perfectly fine on my iPhone 3G. In my opinion the key features of the new iPhone (since 3G S and OS 3.0 is released in the same “package” at the same time) lies in the software. Hey, I don’t need video, or VoiceControl or a compass. The only thing worth upgrading (for me) is the speed increase. But is it really worth that much money? Not to me it isn’t.
  2. (Much as the previous reason) The upgrade is too small. If I wanted to buy a new iPhone, I want a greater hardware upgrade and probably also a new design. Seriously, you can’t tell the difference between iPhone 3G and 3G S before you see the Compass-app in the Home-screen. I think that’s weak. Especially when it costs that much money.
  3. I’m already in contract with my carrier. If I want a new iPhone I got to:            – Pay the rest of my contract now, which will cost me about $450.                      – Get a new phone number and a new contract (which also costs money) None of the above is even in to consideration for me. Both of them would just make the iPhone 3G S even more expensive and less affordable.
  4. My iPhone 3G is working just fine.

Remember now, this is my reasons. Most likely the reasons won’t be valid for everyone. And if you don’t have an iPhone regardless of the generation, this would certainly be pointless. Also I want to include my opinion on the iPhone as a product: fantastic! I couldn’t be more happy with my iPhone. It’s probably one of the best buy I have ever done. But still, I have an iPhone – and I don’t see a good enough reason to buy the iPhone 3G S.



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