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Nå har Wimp blitt lagt ut i en mer offentlig betaversion. Dette var nok noe mange har ventet på, inkludert meg selv. Men (det er alltid et men), det er ikke dermed sagt at alle får invitasjoner (som du fortsatt må ha). Likevel var jeg på rett sted (rettere sagt nettsted – twitter) til rett tid når NRKBeta ga ut 30 invitasjoner for Wimp. Disse 30 invitasjonen ble regelrett slukt av folket. Om jeg ikke tar altfor feil gikk det rundt 15 minutter før alle invitasjonene var sendt ut. Åpenbart er dette en tjeneste som er svært etterlengtet. Tar utviklerne, Aspiro, fordel av dette tror jeg det kan bli en suksess.

Foreløbig har jeg bare brukt Wimp i omlag 3 timer, så en skikkelig anmeldelse vil være litt i tidligste laget. Men det kommer, tro meg! Apropo omtaler og anmeldelse, dette (anmeldelse altså) var det eneste NRKBeta krevde i gjengjeld av de 30 heldige. Noe som er helt fair.

Da skal jeg få prøvekjørt Wimp en god stund til før jeg skriver en mer inngående anmeldelse av tjenesten. I mellomtiden, her er noen screen-shoots av Wimp:



Begge bildene er av meg, flickr-bruker andersha, og lisensiert under en Creative Commons Navngivelse-Ikkekommersiell-Ingen Bearbeidelse 2.0 Generisk-lisens.


Apple just released their 3rd. generation of the iPhone – iPhone 3G S. Many wonders if the update from one of the previous iPhones (iPhone or iPhone 3G) worth it. I’m definitely no expert, but here’s 4 reasons I’m not upgrading                     from iPhone 3G to 3G S:

  1. The iPhone OS 3.0 will work perfectly fine on my iPhone 3G. In my opinion the key features of the new iPhone (since 3G S and OS 3.0 is released in the same “package” at the same time) lies in the software. Hey, I don’t need video, or VoiceControl or a compass. The only thing worth upgrading (for me) is the speed increase. But is it really worth that much money? Not to me it isn’t.
  2. (Much as the previous reason) The upgrade is too small. If I wanted to buy a new iPhone, I want a greater hardware upgrade and probably also a new design. Seriously, you can’t tell the difference between iPhone 3G and 3G S before you see the Compass-app in the Home-screen. I think that’s weak. Especially when it costs that much money.
  3. I’m already in contract with my carrier. If I want a new iPhone I got to:            – Pay the rest of my contract now, which will cost me about $450.                      – Get a new phone number and a new contract (which also costs money) None of the above is even in to consideration for me. Both of them would just make the iPhone 3G S even more expensive and less affordable.
  4. My iPhone 3G is working just fine.

Remember now, this is my reasons. Most likely the reasons won’t be valid for everyone. And if you don’t have an iPhone regardless of the generation, this would certainly be pointless. Also I want to include my opinion on the iPhone as a product: fantastic! I couldn’t be more happy with my iPhone. It’s probably one of the best buy I have ever done. But still, I have an iPhone – and I don’t see a good enough reason to buy the iPhone 3G S.

What is: Beta

Posted on: June 21, 2009

This is the #1 post of “What is”. In “What is” I’ll be discussing, explaining and presenting different words and situations, mostly tech-related.

I’ll start of with the beautiful word beta.

Beta is actually  the second letter of the Greek alphabet. It looks like this β. Related to technology, beta or a beta version is the second (occasionally  third) release of a software.

Illustration from wikipedia.

Beta versions is generally speaking the first version to be unveiled for the public. The main reason of releasing a beta version of a software is to let testers (also known as beta testers) try out the software before it’s given / sold to the public. In that way, the developers spend less time themselves testing out a product, and can at the same time develop a software with fewer bugs.

That was it for this first “episode” of What is.

If you have something to apply to this post, please feel free to do.

I ask myself a lot of questions. I’m eager to learn. Every so often I ask my self questions starting “What is ….?”. And when I have ideas I often use “What if … ?”. Therefore I thought “What if I wrote down my questions and answers?”. So I did. That way, when a post start with “What is:” you know that this is something I’ve wondered about and want to share. I think it is important that we share. The internet is here for sharing.

“What is:” will therefore become a series of questions I have asked myself and I might think that someone in the internet would be pleased to know as well.


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