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I have been meeting the words “Getting Things Done” several times the last days. And I kept wondering what it was. So, as I often tend to do, I searched the internet and found out this:

Getting Things Done, GTD or The Getting Things Done method is a way of action management developed by David Allen. It is a world wide phenomenon (and I didn’t know about it before now…) which has grown largely the last years. I have just started to learn this technique, so unfortunately wont be teaching it (since I probably am more of a student than most of you guys). Still, I thought this was really interesting and I agree very much with Mr. Allen’s thinking. So I thought – Share, this may very well just work.

The essence of his philosophy is that you wont get anywhere with a lot of thoughts, ideas and et cetera in your mind. You have to move your thoughts to another place, like a piece of paper or in to one of all the To-Do softwares that is out there. By writing it down, you get control and organize. (Correct me if I’m wrong. As I said, this is very new for me)

Anyhow, I will be reading his book and I’ll do an outline when I have been experiencing more of this management method.

Here’s David Allen talking in front of Google employees about GTD, I recommend you watching it – even tough it is 45 minutes. I can ensure you it is worth it.


What is: Beta

Posted on: June 21, 2009

This is the #1 post of “What is”. In “What is” I’ll be discussing, explaining and presenting different words and situations, mostly tech-related.

I’ll start of with the beautiful word beta.

Beta is actually  the second letter of the Greek alphabet. It looks like this β. Related to technology, beta or a beta version is the second (occasionally  third) release of a software.

Illustration from wikipedia.

Beta versions is generally speaking the first version to be unveiled for the public. The main reason of releasing a beta version of a software is to let testers (also known as beta testers) try out the software before it’s given / sold to the public. In that way, the developers spend less time themselves testing out a product, and can at the same time develop a software with fewer bugs.

That was it for this first “episode” of What is.

If you have something to apply to this post, please feel free to do.

I ask myself a lot of questions. I’m eager to learn. Every so often I ask my self questions starting “What is ….?”. And when I have ideas I often use “What if … ?”. Therefore I thought “What if I wrote down my questions and answers?”. So I did. That way, when a post start with “What is:” you know that this is something I’ve wondered about and want to share. I think it is important that we share. The internet is here for sharing.

“What is:” will therefore become a series of questions I have asked myself and I might think that someone in the internet would be pleased to know as well.


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