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Hello there! This my personal sandbox and test-center for my thoughts about (mostly) technology in different ways. I don’t ever think this would be anything huge or great, it’s just to be creative and express myself about things I care about – such as technology.

I have called this blog Beta Thoughts for a reason. The blog itself is in beta, the posts is in beta and so am I (most likely) too. When I usethe word beta I feel like it’s something loose, and relaxing. Not formal in any ways. You experiment so much more when you’re in beta than if you were in a complete version. With beta I can play around and make mistakes. You’re allowed to do that with something more formal and complete too, but not in the same way and not so much.

I will be blogging in english and Norwegian (Norwegian is my native language) and hopefully make some good experiences and develop myself.



Hello and welcome to Beta Thoughts. A blog where the thoughts and opinions is shared. Remember this is a 'sandbox' blog, and something that's not 100 % serious. Feel free to treat it like it's BETA - that's just what it is.


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